Tips on how to cook dried pasta

Pasta is Italian’s favorite fast ‘ready’ meal. All you need to do is cook it in boiling water and add it to a sauce, whether you cook your sauce from scratch or find it ready-made in our Market.

Good quality pasta takes a little longer to cook, but you will be rewarded with its great flavour and texture. Your attention in cooking this great product is crucial. The average serving of pasta per person is 100g (3 ½ ounces) an average size pack has five servings.

For perfect cooking:

Boil water in a large pot
Add 1 to 3 tablespoons of salt
Don’t add oil to water - it is a pointless myth
Pour pasta in boiling water (1 quart of water per 100g of pasta more or less)
Keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick
Cook for the suggested time on pack, but our suggestion is to always try one before draining, you want to cook it ‘al dente’. Dente means “tooth” in Italian, it suggests that the texture must be firm and have a bite to it. After you cook pasta regularly, you will just know when it is ready.
Drain and add to sauce immediately and stir together
Eat straight away

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